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Operation Oak Police Officers will be on duty till 5 am every Friday and Saturday nights  - this extra service has been funded by the Universities and Ward Committees as in previous years  - so please ring 101 at these times if there are any problems re noise/asb. On other nights 

ASB in the street: Ring the Police on 101 if there is anti social behaviour in the street or for any other sort of crime- (999 if more serious). Police won't usually come out for noise from dwellings - such as noisy parties - unless these have spilled out onto the street.

The Council's Noise Team are the people to contact for noise from dwellings (unless people have spilled out onto the street) but as residents may be aware, they no longer operate a regular night time service. What you can do is to phone in to make the complaint at night - 278 7878  -and it will be followed up the next day -  or phone the next day when you will be able to speak to one of the team.You can also email the details to :   psr@newcastle.gov.uk.  Once a complaint is taken either by the Police or the Noise Team and it is about a student household, you can be confident that the Police and Noise Team will liaise with each other and the Universities, so you should only have to make to make one call or email.Any resident who is concerned about continuing noise/asb situations which don't seem to be rectified please contact one of your Ward Councillors

Here is the good neighbour agreement which John Henderson of Acorn Properties has developed for their tenants. This could be used as a model for others.

Newcastle Partnership to tackle Antisocial behaviour is available here

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